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2235 Johnsonville Hwy.
Johnsonville, SC 29560

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Ancient Cypress being pulled out of the Pee Dee


Cypress trees preserved since the last Ice Age

Ancient Cypress, LLC has begun to unearth an ancient cypress forest from the coastal plain of South Carolina. The unearthed logs, carbon dated from 25,000 to 45,000+ years old, have been recovered from the sand quarries near the Lynches and Pee Dee Rivers. These cypress logs are up to eight feet in diameter and one hundred feet long, which can be cut and finished to a high polish suitable for fine woodworking. Scientists and professionals involved with this project are enthusiastic about the fact that the logs contain hundreds of annual growth rings which present an excellent opportunity for studying tree ring chronologies from the last ice age.

The ancient cypress wood has a natural beauty, with a rich grain, texture and color that will complement any architectural style, from rustic to traditional to post modern. This ancient cypress wood reflects your good taste and adds dramatically to the value of your home, office, or to a special project.

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Ancient Cypress

Ancient Cypress

Cypress Wood available in large slabs, natural edges, veneers, timbers, assorted pieces, and by the board foot.

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